Say ‘no way Jose’ to wasting good, fun holiday time planning, shopping and preparing meals.

We prepare your holiday meals and deliver them fresh daily to your holiday apartment, holiday home or charter boat. (Bareboat 3 meals a day packages start from just $33.50 per person per day.) Choose from ready to cook breakfasts, lunches, dinners or the lot. You’ll want to try our mouth-watering heat and eat meals too.

Whatever takes your fancy!

We don’t mind one bit. It’s your holiday after all and anything we can do to make it easy for you makes us happy.

Our happy Airlie Providores kitchen team.   Your happy holiday.

We’re a local business with a bit of a family pedigree in 5 star resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants so we know what good, wholesome and fresh food is all about. That’s why we deliver it freshly prepared each day. Fresh as.

It means you don’t have to spend $100s on taking the family out for meals all the time. You’ll find plenty of choice for everyone. So cast your eyes over our menu. It’s full of lots of good fresh stuff.


You can order for 1 day or your whole stay. Delivery is free for orders over $75.  A  delivery fee from $5 is charged for orders less than $75. Minimum order is $40. See Delivery details under Main menu.

Cheers and enjoy your holiday.