A Californian family of seasoned sailors The Jacksons, recently enjoyed sailing our Whitsunday Islands and were highly complimentary of their food from Airlie Providores. Having chartered boats all over the world they said what was provided was the best they had experienced for freshness and ease of serving.

 “What you provided was excellent, by far the best provisioning we’ve had on the many trips we’ve taken in different countries!  All the meals were tasty and the recipes were easy to follow.” said Barbara Jackson from California.

“Many thanks Barbara we’ll take that as a big compliment!
We’re committed to our policy of providing affordable, freshly made to order locally sourced produce, with a total customer service focus.

We believe it’s our role to fit in with our customers food and delivery needs and timing. Not to work to our schedule because it suits us.

“Compliments like Barbara’s are very satisfying and reinforce that we are on the right track” said Ant Welch Airlie Providores Director of Food and Operations.